Joe Fisher
February 21, 2023

Expansion News

2023 is a year of expansion for BIÂN – for our physical space, our community, our offerings, and our service to you.

Dear BIÂN Members and Friends,

The choices we make define us. As the founders of BIÂN, we chose to come together and create BIÂN, with a singular goal of leading a new paradigm of wellness and living well.  As members, you each chose to join BIÂN’s community, and in doing so, to continue a path of positive evolvement – to live a vital life.  We are on this journey individually and collectively.  It is an honor to share space and moments with you all.  We are incredibly excited for the future.

2023 is a year of expansion for BIÂN – for our physical space, our community, our offerings, and our service to you – our members.  We have learned much these last two years.  Our foundation is strong, our leaders are experienced, and our focus remains on constant improvement and elevation in all aspects of BIÂN.  While perfection is aspirational, the path to constant improvement is attainable and available to all who seek it – and seek it we do.

Expansion of BIÂN’s Physical Space

As most know, we are in the process of building 9,000 square feet of additional club space to serve our community.  We designed this space to address the new ways in which we live, work, and play in this post-pandemic world.  The expansion will have hybrid work areas, small private rooms for calls, zoom meetings or 1x1 meetings, large conference rooms with fully appointed audio visual for your business or event needs, a beautiful lounge, dining, and private event space inclusive of a fully appointed bar, a large new kitchen from which to support all our food & beverage offerings, two new studios for expanded fitness, private training, yoga, and meditation, and two ancillary locker rooms.  We are confident you will love it!

On Monday, February 27, you will see the first tangible sign of our expansion space construction.  We will be closing the Pilates and private yoga room for construction as we incorporate changes to those rooms that will eventually be the entrance to our expansion space.  This is a necessary step in the construction process but will create some inconvenience in the short term.  Our team has a plan to ensure all our offerings remain available during this work, albeit with some modifications.  We expect the duration of the Pilates/private yoga room work to be 4 to 5 weeks.  

Currently, the May/June timeframe is our best estimate for the full opening of the expansion space.  Like many construction projects, supply chain issues and lead times on various items, have impacted our schedule. Know that we remain diligent in doing all we can to complete the expansion as quickly as possible.  

Expansion of BIÂN’s Community

Member experience remains the lens through which we make our choices, including the expansion of our membership.  Our new physical space will allow our membership to grow and our member experience to continue to improve. Our commitment always will be to properly balance our member experience while maintaining a vibrant, engaged community.  

The BIÂN community is your community.  Our goal always has been to grow primarily through our member referrals.  So many of you have proudly recommended BIÂN to family & friends.  Please continue to do so.  We hope and expect to reach a proper equilibrium of members in the next year.  More members allow for increased capacity of offerings, expanded club hours, further programming and events, and accessibility. The stronger and healthier our membership is, the better BIÂN can serve all.  

Expansion of Our Offerings

Our offerings form the foundation of BIÂN.  We will never remain static in this regard.  Rather, we will continue to thoughtfully add offerings to fully support our community and our goal of leading in a new paradigm of wellness and living well.  For those who have been here from the beginning, you’ve seen significant change in the scope of our offerings.  Some reflective of feedback from our membership, and others added as we learn and grow in our mission.  

The expansion space of course allows us to add many specific and necessary offerings, including all those mentioned above.  We’ve also added new offerings exclusive of the expansion space including:  

  • Corporate Integrated Executive Physical:  We now offer a one-day fully integrated executive physical to members and non-members alike, inclusive of a complete physical with Dr. Marcie Claybon, a dermatological examination, functional movement assessment, nutritional analysis, and a Chinese Medicine appointment with Dr. Sandra Subotich.
  • Physical Therapy, Chiropractic and Acupuncture with Insurance Billing:  We recently added insurance billed services to our menu of offerings.  Many members asked to do their PT, Chiro and Acupuncture at BIÂN using insurance coverage – and we made it happen.  We have a wide variety of times and dates upon which these services are available to members.  Please check the BIÂN app or inquire with our hospitality team – or  
  • BIÂN Beauty for non-members:  Our full menu of aesthetic & beauty offerings is now available to your friends & family who are non-members.  We have an incredible, experienced beauty team ready to serve.  BIÂN members and BIÂN Beauty members receive member pricing.  Non-members, however, are welcome to use these specific services but are charged non-member pricing.  
  • Thought Leadership & Seminars: The wealth of knowledge among the BIÂN Doctors & wellness leaders is unparalleled. In addition to our Corporate Membership offering, we have launched our Thought Leadership Academy to support the well-being, motivation, connection, and inspiration of your organization, team, or group, with custom seminars, workshops, or retreats - designed to directly impact culture & well-being.  
  • Meal Plans: Plans are underway for a formal meal-plan program offering seasonal and simply cooked foods designed to support your health initiatives without sacrificing flavor and experience. Expect ease of ordering, pick-up, and scheduling – all to be launched hopefully within this calendar year with our new kitchen.

We are truly grateful to be your sanctuary, your home away from home, your place of healing and rejuvenation, and your place of fun and social connection.  We each made a choice to be here together – positive choices lead to positive outcomes.  Thank you all!

In Good Health,

Joe Fisher, CEO

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