April 26, 2023

BIÂN Expansion Updates

Opening June 2023, the expansion of the physical space will allow our membership to grow, and the member experience to continue to evolve.

We are thrilled to announce our expansion plan, opening June 2023! This growth plan includes the addition of not only more physical space, but new community offerings and expanded services for its rapidly growing membership.

BIÂN will unveil an additional 9,000 square feet of club space to accommodate our members’ health, work and social habits in a post-pandemic world. The expansion will include additional elevated hybrid work areas for this new paradigm of flexible work and play, small private rooms for calls, and large conference rooms for members. To grow our social and dining offerings, BIÂN will also now feature a new lounge, formal dining space, private event space, and an expanded kitchen. An addition of two new studios, private training, yoga, and meditation spaces, and two ancillary locker rooms will support expanded fitness options.

Events, Lounge, & Hybrid Workspace

  • Our corporate, member event, and private event programming will be growing immensely with the opening of two larger conference room spaces as well as a new lounge space, which will allow for bigger private events upwards of 150 guests without interruption to the membership experience.
  • Four small private rooms for phone calls, video conferencing, and intimate meetings will now be available, as well as semi-private group spaces for teams to work closer together.
  • Rental of larger conference rooms and entire lounge, both existing and expansion, will all be available for member events and private events.

Food & Beverage

  • Our newly expanded club space will feature a state-of-the-art kitchen. This kitchen boasts many new abilities for our food and beverage program which will elevate our restaurant menu and offer additional capacity for member events and private events.  Additionally, we're excited to convert our existing kitchen into a satellite kitchen, which will feature a daily breakfast menu, dedicated sushi bar, and event outlet.
  • We’re also introducing convenient online ordering for our new lounge networking area and expanded grab-and-go options for those on the move. With these updates, our club space becomes more dynamic for all of our member’s needs.
  • Our newly expanded Food and Beverage program is proud to feature a three-time-a-day elevated club café menu, carefully crafted by our very own Chef Ryan Maher. Chef Maher is committed to using thoughtful, seasonal, and locally-sourced ingredients to create delicious and satisfying dishes. Any time of day; breakfast, lunch, or dinner, members will find a wide selection of flavorful options to choose from.

Fitness & Studio

  • Fitness class capacity will be expanding by 50% across the board as we move the Turf strength formats into the new fitness and studio space equipped with brand new Rogue Fitness and Perform Better weight training systems and functionality.
  • New Fitness formats are in the works in the new space, in addition to a new Martial Arts programming and martial arts open gym.
  • Studio programming will be increasing with the addition of specialty classes such as ab labs, yoga workshops, small group fitness programs, and meditation offerings, in addition to a larger private space for reformer pilates, a large private studio with infrared heat capabilities, and the ability to add additional classes during our prime-time hours for maximum accessibility and to meet the demand of our growing membership.
  • With the relocation of most Fitness programming, our current, state-of-the-art fitness facility will now become more spacious for those who wish to exercise on their own and for our personal training program.


  • BIAN will be growing its workforce through an elevation of responsibilities and roles with current staff, while adding personnel in multiple departments of the club to meet the increased demand and space. We believe in nourishing our workforce and are excited to elevate our dedicated team.

The expansion of the physical space will allow our membership to grow, and the member experience to continue to evolve. The service programming at BIÂN will also continue to develop, with enhanced offerings such as integrative executive physicals, physical therapy, expanded member events, BIÂN beauty services for non-members, and thought leadership sessions and seminars with the team of Doctors and Wellness Leaders for groups and corporate teams. “I believe that the world is ready and receptive to the fact that well-being is a necessary priority in all arenas - personally, professionally, and everything in between - as it is all interconnected in order to live a joyful and vital existence,” says BIÂN Co-Founder and Chief Wellness Officer, Mar Soraparu.

“We will never remain static in our offerings. Rather, we will continue to thoughtfully add and evolve our options to fully support our community and our goal of leading in a new paradigm of wellness and living well. Our foundation is strong, our leaders are experienced, and our focus remains on constant improvement and elevation in all aspects of BIÂN.” says Joe Fisher, BIÂN Co-Founder & CEO.

With this expansion, BIÂN continues to trail blaze in the luxury health and wellness space, offering our members the best in fitness, wellness, beauty, and business – all in an effort to help enhance wellbeing and work/life balance from one luxurious location.

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