Mar Soraparu
December 6, 2022

Thrive (Not Just Survive) The Holidays

Q&A with Mar Soraparu, Co-Founder & Chief Wellness Officer

Develop your mission

What is your specific hope (and reasons why you chose it!) for this holiday season 2022? All decisions can filter through this - and it will then become your compass for towards or away from your mission. The stronger, the better!

This sets the tone of your mindset which directly impacts your results.

Micro missions are helpful too for on an event-by-event basis

Frequent giving through action

Deciding to contribute through service, random acts of kindness or other means of non-monetary support to others in need, regularly, can reconnect you to the depth and meaning of what the holidays symbolize. While this supports someone else, it directly impacts you in a positive way. (Think of the smallest of gestures or even the biggest!)

Breathe Deeper

Before an event, during a conversation, throughout a meal, you name it. You always have an opportunity to breathe a little deeper. How to remember to do this requires you to connect with your mindset/feelings. When you don't feel in LINE with your mission, BREATHE.

Maintain an element of your routine

Throwing all routine out the door invites not-so-healthy results. Maintain a component of your routine that you would consider a "fundamental" to your health. It may look different (brisk snowy walking vs yoga class) but the purpose remains the same and it does matter!

Consume & Savor Mindfully

Be with your food and drink choices. Feel it, taste it, smell it, swirl it, talk about it and savor it. Savoring is one of the strongest ways to connect to your present experience. When we eat or drink too quickly, we tend to overconsume.


Food: Attempt to attend holiday events 50% full; eat ahead of time! One round trick.

Drink: Develop a drink consumption mission too! My rule? The 1.5. If I choose to drink at an event, I savor and enjoy the first drink slowly. The second one (if I chose) I simply use as a tool to indicate to myself my ability to have self-control and discipline. When you put the glass down halfway and take the responsibility and power over your actions that connect you to your mission (and your future self (how do you want to feel tomorrow?), it is incredibly empowering and rewarding.

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