Corporate Programs

Investing in the well-being of your employees elevates your results and their engagement - because when your people are well, everything thrives.

Thought Leadership Academy

Support the well-being, motivation, connection, and inspiration of your team with our custom seminars, workshops, or retreats designed to directly impact your organization's culture. BIÂN offers complete access to our world-class providers - MD’s and wellness experts - for a variety of thought leadership offerings.

Culture & Leadership

Motivation, Organization, and Mindset Skills in the Workplace

Executive Coaching & Personal Responsibility ​

Leadership: Nurturing a culture of Wellness, Innovation, and Creativity​

Professional Conflict Resolution & Team Building​

Culture & Compassionate Latitude

Cultivating gratitude in the workplace​

Workplace Wellness

Integrity of Movement & Sustainable Fitness​

Mindfulness skills in the workplace: Communication, Collaboration and Trust

The fundamentals of wellness & healthy habits

Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health 101 & Managing your Mental Health

​Beyond Burnout and Compassion Fatigue

​Stress & Anxiety Reduction​

Navigating Life Transitions

​Rewiring Shame

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine: How it can transform your physiology, psychology & energy​

Regulation for stress, anxiety and focus​

Breathwork: Science & techniques from the Eastern Medical framework​

Acupuncture & Acupressure 101


Practical Mindful Eating​

Nutrition 101​

What makes a food healthy?​

Relationship with Nutrition & Emotions

Specialty Series

Creativity Workshop

​The Energy Fix: Balance your hormones, digestion & nervous system to beat burnout and fatigue​

Ayurveda & Lifestyle​

Women's Health

Mindful Parenting

Thought Leadership Inquiry

Corporate Partnerships

Concierge Medical Membership
  1. Personalized relationship with your Primary Care Physician
  2. Same day or next day appointments
  3. Extensive Annual Executive Physical
  4. Custom bloodwork performed at our onsite lab
  5. 24/7 virtual access to Acute & Preventative Primary Care
  6. Complimentary consultations with entire team of BIÂN doctors
On-site Doctor & Specialist Access
  1. Concierge Medical Doctor
  2. Doctor of Naturopathy & Nutrition
  3. Doctor of Eastern Medicine
  4. Doctor of Ayruveda
  5. Doctor of Chiropractic
  6. Doctor of Mental Health
  7. Executive Coach
  8. Personal BIÂN Advisor
  9. BIÂN Beauty Specialist
Membership Access
  1. Elevated Hybrid Work Environment
  2. Conference Rooms (coming in Spring 2023)
  3. Chef-driven Food & Beverage Programming
  4. Best-in-class Private Guided Movement & Personal Training
  5. Elevated Group Fitness Classes
  6. Clinical Massage and Spa Services
  7. Mobility, Bodywork, and Rehab Offerings
  8. Medical-grade BIÂN Beauty Offerings
  9. Infrared Sauna, Cold Plunge, & Steam Room
  10. Diverse Member & Thought Leadership Programming
  11. Unique Social Happy Hours and Networking
Corporate Inquiry
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