BIÂN Staff
February 10, 2024

Winter Florals Workshop

Embrace the beauty of winter florals in this 1.5-hour workshop and contemplative mediation on the beauty of winter and the promise of spring.

The workshop will begin with a discussion by Cornelia McNamara, a seasoned and nationally recognized floral designer right here in Chicago. Though our landscape appears dead and grey, the natural world is in the process generating its astounding show of beauty for Spring. Cornelia will provide an overview of materials which are available in winter to create seasonal flowers in your home.

During the working session, you will be equipped with all of the tools you need to create a beautiful winter arrangement: the forced branches, such as dogwood, viburnum and flowering quince, a variety of floral blooms and shears to build gestural arrangements, incorporating some Japanese mechanics and exploring the use of negative space. Once the frame is built with the branches, we will introduce some wonderful winter flowers such as hellebore and anemone. Working with form, expressive lines and balance, an abundance of branches and fresh flowers will be at hand. Join us for this beautiful event!Investment: $100 per member or guest.

This event requires a 72-hour notice of cancellation otherwise full charge will incur.

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